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The Voice As An Instrument


Do you feel isolated and confused on how to practise but you wish more than anything you could have a great singing voice to be proud of? 

You’ve tried some apps and videos but lose momentum or still feel crippling anxiety at the thought of having to sing in public when what you’d love is to sing out with freedom and strength? 

High notes don’t feel good so you avoid them and you know you should work on ‘breathing’… but what does that actually mean? 

Whenever you go to take that next step – there’s a stronger voice that says “don’t even bother”, leaving you back at square one…

Get Ready For Things To Change

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Online Course

I Do Believe In Your Voice

I believe that you can sing with a type of confidence you can’t even imagine yet. 

You will learn THREE fundamental areas that make up your unique instrument and how you use them to sing any song of any style at any time. 

You will succeed and it will be my pleasure help you get there. Let’s also have lots of fun along the way right?! 

With This 10 Week Course, You Will Master

  • Breathing
  • Warming Up
  • Vocal Range
  • Controlling Notes
  • Building Confidence
  • Singing With More Ease
  • Microphone Technique
  • and a lot more…

Every time I do this with a student, and it still brings me to tears when someone breaks through a new barrier with their voice because I know how much it means to them. A love of singing is a deep connection with ourselves and the world around us. It is vulnerable and mystical even. It can feel like meditating and dancing all in one breath…. and it’s joyous! 

For anyone that can’t take 121 lessons for any reason – we’ve also made this available as an online course on thinkific which is a great platform for learning at your own pace. You can get started right away on thinkific or write to us to book a lesson with a singers club coach.

Lesson Via Zoom

Online Course

About Me

Hey I’m Laura, founder of The Singers Club! You can hear me singing with Mia and the Moon on spotify and youtube (as well as these course videos!). We were nominated Best Folk/Country Act at the UMA’s and featured on XFactor UK prior to National Tours over five years, with our debut album ‘Fall Awake’. Born into a bluegrass musical family, I’ve been singing with my sister Mary-Anne, since we were walking and without a shadow of a doubt, every important memory I have is connected to music someway/somehow. It has brought me this far and you don’t have to tell me what it means to love singing and want to work on your voice. I totally get it!

What's Included In Your Course?

10 Singing Lessons

Breathing, Increasing Vocal Range, Singing High (and low) Notes, Tonal Balance, Mic Technique, Resonance and Lots More. 24/7 access online course or lesson slot with Instructor

Music Challenges

Overviews, guides, vocal scales, challenges, warm ups and recommended practise elements; ensuring your course is fun, to the point and interactive

End of Course Quiz

An informal end to the course with a few challenges and questions based on the lesson content and journal entries throughout

Awarded Certificate

Congratulations! You can now display your certificate with pride with thanks from us for all of your commitment and hard work shown

You Ready To Sing?

Your Course Breakdown


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