FVTPT1: The Voice As An Instrument

Module 1: This is the beginning my friends! Foundation Vocal Technique and your own personal vocal coach to help master Breathing, Posture, Tone, Confidence, Range, Dynamics, working with backing tracks plus intro to Shaping Sound! Quiz and Certificate at the end of the 10 lesson module. 

Students receive a certificate for every one of the following modules completed + crystal award on completion of the tenth and final module


FVTPT2: Musicality

Module 2: We see how our voice as an instrument fits into the language and world of music with a focus on scales, intervals, structures, harmony, improvisation and acting through song! A very enjoyable module that I love to teach – blending technical with creative aspects. We have both an adult and over 12’s and then cute junior version of this module

Please note: We loosely aim to complete a module per three month term term. This may vary from student to student, frequency of lessons and individual learning etc 

FVTPT3: Sculpting Sound

Module 3: This concluding module of our Foundation Level Programme allows a deeper understanding of how and why we are creating and choosing different ways to shape our sound. We explore the relationship between tension and balance through sculpting sound, layering vocals and sculpting dynamics.


IVTPT1: Colours of The Voice

Hugely popular..! ‘Colours of the Voice’ opens our intermediate section. Utilising the toolkit developed so far, we are in a good place to start to analyse and dig a little deeper into all of the different sections to our vocal, what choices we have, and how they unite to create the incredibly diverse palette of sound that we all have within us. 

This continues our journey into finding our ‘vocal spectrum’ to work with allowing free creativity in singing.


IVTPT2: Vocal Effects

“Once you know the rules… you can break them” Let’s learn all of the cool stuff we can do with our voice to up the fun and make sure we are always safe and healthy. We’re going to be sliding, running, flipping, frying, growling and much more…. 

Enter with an open mind! 


IVTPT3: Genre Spotlight

We’re now off on a world tour! Students are set different theory and practical challenges on structures, vocal styles, geography, notable names, places and of course material for each genre of the module culminating in an end of term showcase lesson! 

Example: Pop/ Country/ Musical Theatre / Classical / Jazz / Blues


This module is for absolutely everyone to enjoy… you don’t need to play any instrument to write amazing songs. 

We provide a safe and guided space for you to write your own story. 

Opening work on song structures and analysis, moving onto 6 week song writing challenge culminating in a closing presentation before presented certificate 


the show

We have done so much ground work by this point – it’s time to start putting together our show!

Setlists, transposing, backing tracks, arranging, audience relations, stage craft and more….

This module can be extended for adults wishing to study more about the business side of the industry and setting up as an artist. (optional module extra)

The Empowered Singer

“We laugh, we cry

We train and we crack

Remedy & fight on because the end is worth it

We travel to a place in the soul where only music can reach or be born

We finesse, test, let go, hold on, share, listen; give 

We search until we find that place within us

The place where music lives.”


Welcome to… The Empowered Singer


the artist's voice

The concluding module of our series here at The Singers Club. 

All will be revealed inside.

This is The Artist’s Voice 

"I am two lessons in... and I absolutely love experimenting with all of this cool stuff. It's great to find out why we're doing these exercises rather than just doing them. Learning to sing properly is something I wanted to do for ages so I'm really glad I went for it... Just wish I'd not put it off for so long!"
Nathalie John
The Voice as An Instrument

It's Time



“I thought you could just sing – or not sing?”

“Singing is only for gifted people”


Did you know that if you can speak you can sing. You can teach those same muscles to sing because singing is just an extention of speech; and they really want to learn too! Those muscles are waiting to sing out with freedom, and enjoyment to better impact our entire life. it’s even been said that singing can help us relieve stress, overcome depression and live longer but it can be very confusing to know where or how to start to improve our confidence in our own singing. We all have a toolkit inside of us and a voice that is eager to sing out and proud! We just need to learn what to do & how to do it. That’s where our courses come in… 

"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop! Thankyou for sharing your knowledge and tips which are very helpful in many ways. It is also a pleasure listening to your vocal demonstrations"
Miss M.V. Van Der Knoop
Bmus, Mmus, MPerf Guildhall Artist

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