After 15 Years Helping 1000’s Of Students, We’ve Got The Art Of Teaching Singing Down To A T… 

    The “Secret Ingredient” that allows us to train students in the most effective way with 100% retention week after week is our nine step road map. We follow these 9 steps in this exact order to get the exact results for us and our students every time


    9 Proven Steps To Singing Teaching Awesomeness… 

    Slick Business

    From endless hurdles and frustrations to fully prepared, ticked off and ready to go.

    Successful Conversion

    We don't do flakey... 7 steps to Fully Commited Students!

    Rocking Content

    4 years worth actually... at your finger tips.

    Confident Delivery

    From anxious, worrying about success of lessons - to 100% confident using tried and tested methods.

    Top 10 Mistakes

    What are the common pit falls and more importantly; How do you avoid them?

    Creativity Centre

    From chasing to attracting!

    Work - Life Balance

    From burnt out to working smart!


    Where a personal vocation provides the incredible opportunity to give back (in many different ways)


    From individual lessons and a one way energy flow to symbiotic sharing and growth for everyone

    We’ve Helped 1000’s of Students Learn To Sing In The Most Effective Way

    One of the key elements to transforming a lack of customers, structure and delivey confidence into a thriving community, brand & great business lies in our proven roadmap.

    We’ve painstakingly tested and developed every component required to form a successful singing teaching business; translating them into bitesize, manageable steps that actually work.

    Don’t take our word for it – Check out some current coaches and students who all come from all backgrounds and experience levels…

    Licensee Coach
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    I was previously working as a swimming coach but I knew there was more for me to do. It's unbelievably rewarding to know you have helped students with those steps into confidence; not just in singing but also in themselves. I now have a full singing student roster, a planned workshop season, business goals and I love what I do! I never feel alone in planning my projects as I have the teams backing - yet I have the freedom to develop which is a great thing.
    Verity Tamhne
    Verity Tamhne
    Licensee Coach
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    The Singers Club is wonderful and I would 100% recommend it to everyone! It's not just first class lesson plans, but so many other opportunities for students to build confidence with singing.
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    Before the Singers Club, my previous teachers would show me how to get through a particular song but not how to develop fundamental technique. Starting this curriculum, I already feel I can apply what I've learned to any song rather than a select list and I love all of the other events and things going on with all the other students. I highly recommend to anyone who loves to sing.
    Anna Williams
    Anna Williams
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    I was nervous to restart vocal lessons after a significant break but I could not have asked for a better coach and I can see a great improvement in my voice since beginning. Lessons are always tailored to my specific needs and I look forward to them every week!
    Sue Green
    Sue Green
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    I started lessons in July 2019 and was quite nervous to start with as I hadn’t sung in front of anyone as a soloist ever. After that first lesson I felt elated and was able to perform at the club night only a few months later. I auditioned for a production and got a part in a show with a performance company and needed to practise many musical numbers for the performance on stage in March this year. I would definitely recommend anyone who loves singing to book up and have a go. You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve in a short space of time. I really look forward to my lessons every week
    Imogen Scoppie
    Imogen Scoppie
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    .. An amazing experience. Lessons are completely personal and focus on what you want to achieve for yourself. I'm now capable of doing things with my voice I simply could not manage before, and the whole time I've been having fun while I challenge myself. The Singers Club is full of positive-reinforcement when it comes to tutoring, and it's helped me reach new heights and earned new confidence. If you want to learn to sing and perform, I cannot recommend it enough.

    Answers To The Most Burning Questions…

    (Yes This Will Work For Your Business)

    If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, contact us here and we’ll get back to you in two shakes of a lamb’s tail…

    From our end – nothing! This is one of the elements we are most proud of. Students are able to work through modules with their coach in a fun and informal way with no additional payments or cost required to our body. Coaches receive full support and guidance where needed

    Yes absolutely! We find that over time; most singing teachers develop abit of a niche/sector of students that they really enjoy coaching and our lesson plans and content are suitable for use with personal adaptions across the board. Any peices of lesson content which are unsuitable for a particular age group will be marked for coaches with adaptions (however this is uncommon) 

    Yes, in the form of a 90minute private zoom call to make sure you are 100% confident to launch your first module and become a Singers Club Coach. There are also snippets available for coaches to trial and test to see what works best.

    Nope, not at all. Whether you are fully operational and simply wish to access the curriculum resources for your team – or just starting out and require support in setting up your ideal teaching studio – we will gladly provide the resources you need to take you to the next level.

    Licensed coaches are listed on the main website with contact details for enquiries to get in-touch directly so there is visibility and coaches progressing to their own exclusive territory are promoted to their own web page on www.thesingersclub.com but we do not guarantee any amount of referrals through this site.

    Yes, from the word go – licensed coaches are permitted to use the curriculum with their own students ongoing with guidance on running orders of modules and how to personalise and adapt the content. It is also non-exclusive programme available to use alongside other boards/schools etc.

    Yes! Mentoring sessions with our coaches are currently tailored month by month to focus on lesson plans, marketing, own singing – practise, exercises. Choose from anything in the programme points featured above that you feel is most useful to your personal and professional development.

    Come along to one of our monthly zoom get togethers. There you can ask any questions, and get yourself and your students ready to recieve your welcome pack with first module resources and guides.

    We believe that no-one (parents aside) understands the  progression of a singing student better than their own singing teacher and so we believe that teachers should be able to really easily guide their students through a comprehensive theoretical, technical, explorative, practical and mindset structure without having to write an entire curriculum from scratch.

    No. We are more interested in what steps you’ve taken to develop your craft with due care and responsibility for the students you teach. Individuals do not currently need set qualifications to become a private vocal coach. We look at every application individually to make sure we are mutually right for each other.

    Do you have a question not answered above? Drop us a quick email hello@thesingersclub.com 

    Our Guarantee

    Every aspect of The Singers Club programme is the result of thoroughly tried and tested material over years of focussed development. Coming on board should feel like an aligned process for you, providing an invaluable asset to your work. Anything less and we will happily address this on an individual basis. We are not here to take advantage or misguide. Our goal is to create something incredible for the amazing coaches involved; and for our students who love to sing.

    Founders Story

    Laura Ratcliffe was born into an actively musical family. Following A-level Theatre studies, Music and Pschycology; Laura sang professionally for Columbia, Seabourn, P&O, Thomson Gold, Warners, Scarlet Entertainment, Encore & Universal Music going on to guest perform at the 2011 New Orleans Jazz Festival and International Arts Festival Marbella.

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