Free resources

If I come across an app that I find really useful myself, I love passing these to students.. check out some below...

mobile app MicSwap

Micswap is a cool little app for your phone designed for recording. Once recorded – you have the option to try different sound filters which simulate the characteristics of various microphones. Not only this but you can easily add some ‘reverb’ to instantly make it sound like a pro recording made in a studio! 

Requires additional software: NO

mobile app piano keyboard

We don’t always think of digital versions of our instruments but if you check out your app store – you will find a selection of free keyboard piano apps. 

I have one on my phone, and I find it really useful when I am ‘on the go’; to check a key, melody or quick chord progression. I end up using it all the time actually!

To get to know where the notes are on a piano – you don’t even need to buy one! You can learn lots just from an app piano! 

Requires additional software: NO 

mobile app Singscope

Credit the lovely Dr Julia Nielsen for this one! On attending her talk on Vibrato; Dr Nielsen demonstrated how singscope can help singers to actually visually SEE their vibrato! It’s really useful.. and super fun! Ever since I went, I have loved sharing this with students! 

Requires additional software: NO

the singers club leap frogs major and minor scales

Follow our singers club leap frogs as they jump from lily pad to lily pad. The larger jumps show whole tone intervals and the smaller ones (with bridges) show semitones. These intervals determine the major and minor scales which we learn more about in lessons

The Singers club warm ups

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