Principals That All Of Our Coaches Stand By

Mission Statement: Our purpose is to offer beginner singers improved confidence and skill sets in the styles singing and music that inspire them. They are part of a local and global community of likeminded and supportive fellow musicians. We are NOT competitive about the artform and our only focuses are on personal goals and self-development, for students and also coaches; with an understanding that everyone is on their own path. Our coaching is informed and our coaches aim to be the very best they can be with ongoing training and development. The Singers Club is about self-development, performing, creativity, growing and sharing.  

We encourage our members to become more confident and proficient through our programme- working towards our exclusive workshops, events and course content as benchmarks of achievement and growth within the club. Rather than being formally marked or examined, students are congratulated on their commitment to the process, courage to participate and support of each other. We understand the challenges that individuals face overcoming confidence issues and self-esteem and we know that by receiving coaching in singing, the benefits can be seen in general in day to day life.  

Our Ethos

  • We are a place where ANY singing ability or confidence level is welcomed and not set apart or de-selected based on skillset level. All students are given equal opportunity to receive top level coaching, invitation to take courses, group workshops and enjoy experiencing elements of the music industry 
  • We are industry professionals; Approachable, organised, punctual and caring of all of our students.  
  • We celebrate the individual merits that a coach can bring to the table, whilst remaining united through our joint ethos
  • We are passionate and energised as coaches, inspiring our students with creativity and commitment 
  • We never cheat or mis-sell our products 
  • We have a transparent culture code and host an honest, relaxed and supportive environment 
  • We provide a comprehensive alternative programme for singers who do not want to take traditional grades or exams 
  • Milestone acheivements are not reliant on external examiners, formal settings, clinical exam rooms or limited songlists

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"Many of us tried different things in 2020... Surprisingly for me, the singing classes have brought me a profound sense of belonging, inner peace, fulfillment and strength... Bring on 2021!"


Case study: Emma always loved to sing. She’d be picked to sing solos at school and enjoyed everything about music. Over time though, Emma’s confidence really plummeted to the point where she couldn’t sing infront of anyone anymore. It was a vicious cycle of not being able to gain positive feedback, unable to overcome a crippling stage fright. Emma recalls shaking with nerves when she emailed The Singers Club because she didn’t know what or how to get back into singing and find her confidence again.

Fast forward three months and Emma is recording her first song, she has performed at live clubnights and is now the one giving words of encouragement when a new student feels wobbly. Emma is the reason we started The Singers Club.


So, when people start lessons – most really want to understand and work on their ‘breathing’ in regards to technique. In reality there are many other areas that are very important to sustain a sound. These other areas impact and are impacted by the breathing framework. We understand where people are coming from on this and how confusing it can all be – so we make lessons unfussy,digestable and crystal clear so that you know exactly what to work on – why and how! 

Lots of students want to know what songs suit them, how to find their own natural voice and how to sing with more range and control – so these elements are also most definitely a focus point of the first term of sessions for the majority. We are open though to what you are here to do and what your own musical journey has been so far so to message us if you have a question about singing or how to get started.


Learn on the go, in your own time and at your pace. Work through Our 5 star awarded Singers Club Programme with 24/7, global access and join the thousands of students who are blown away when they realise what their voice can actually do!