• Learn foundation vocal disciplines whilst building confidence on a one to one basis with your own professional vocal coach or through our

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  • Exclusive event for members, work towards your performance in lessons. Invite friends and family, practice performing nd meet other members of thesingersclub

  • Experience a working studio during a relaxed and productive workshop. Take away your own professional mastered and mixed demo.


The Singers Club specialise in Singing Lessons to help you develop; Vocal Range, Breathing, Posture, Story-Telling, Tone, Control, Riffing, Vibrato, Confidence Singing Challenging Songs, Finding Songs That Suit Your Voice and much more. Alongside your lessons we provide Awesome Music Industry Experiences and Exclusive Events throughout the year… including; Studio daysClubnightsonline courses

I look forward to welcoming you, Best wishes… Laura (Mia and the Moon)

Our Mission: To Make Rocking Vocal Coaching And Great Music Industry Experiences Accessible To Beginner & Non-Professional Singers

Coursebook Excerpt: Celeb Ranges

What Makes Our Lessons Different?

Singing LessonsYes

How does your singing voice work? What makes it unique? How do we develop true confidence? Can technique improve? We will show you. See us in person if you’re near a school, or join our International students who take lessons via zoom or online courses

All Access Yes

If you’re in.. you’re in! Over lock down we worked tirelessly to adapt our lessons, signature clubnights and courses; ensuring the  community could thrive both in person and online. No matter what the world throws at us- we’ll make sure you keep singing!Try an online taster lesson

Vocal Technique Yes

We do things slightly different at the Singers Club. Our curriculum is fully ‘tweakable’ to support you in achieving your own Goals. No sheet music, clinical exams or reading is required and we can help recommend your best fit course. Prepare your own path and we’ll help you get there…

Fun StuffYes

In addition to top level singing lessons and online course with industry professional vocal coaches; we also have exclusive gear for all students, personalised hoodies and tshirts, serious workshops, not so serious workshops, events and insider offers waiting for you…


If you have a project or area of self development that has been playing on your mind for a while but is struggling to get ‘off of the starting block’ then this free course could be just the ticket! It’s not too over the top or fussy.. just 8 bitesize chapters and challenges to really help you get those great results and ‘Get Stuff Done’


< Laura’s band Mia and the Moon > Credits Include Xfactor Bootcamp,  Best Folk/Country Act Nomination @UMA’S London, Title Track for Amazon Prime’s Award Winning Documentary ‘Alison’, UK Tours, Global Residencies and Two Studio Albums 


When I started teaching singers, I realised that many absolute beginners were a little intimidated to perform in public or book a studio alone, but also dreamed of getting up on stage for the first time, and recording their favourite song…. I also realised that I had ended up enjoying a pretty successful International Singing Career without taking a single grade, reading music, or passing exams. I wondered.. how can I help other singers who are similar? So together… we made ‘The Singers Club’.

We now offer a state of the art 5 Star Awarded Foundation to Advanced Vocal Technique Curriculum along with Exclusive Workshops, Community Groups and Industry Highlights. We share our Passion, Knowledge, Tips and Experience with all students who are eager to learn.

Rather than being competitive; we instead strive to create an environment whereby every member’s achievements are celebrated and all styles welcomed. We don’t judge or scold or allow ‘clicky’ groups and we listen to what your goals are and respect your own aims and passions. The Singers Club is well suited to beginners of all ages who want a welcoming space to improve their singing and enjoy music with others.   

Over the years, our students, friends and family have become overwhelmingly supportive of each other and beyond the one to one coaching, this is what The Singers Club is about. 


Online Course

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What is different about our lessons?

The Singers Club
Online Courses

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