Studio Days

Studio Days are:

  • In introduction to being in a recording studio
  • A chance to record a professional solo demo
  • Relaxed and productive combination of solo and group elements
  • An opportunity for students to get together and enjoy a workshop under the guidance of your coach
  • Q&A with sound engineer along with tours, equipment testing
  • Completed with a professionally mixed and mastered demo included
  • A chance to help and learn from each other

Coming from a band background, I always loved going into the studio. There’s nothing like being in a recording live room. It’s great to watch the producer at work and to create recordings which become milestones of a musical journey.

It’s given me the oppurtunity to sing in a studio environment, and work in real depth with my voice and learning new aspects which you may not fully be able to exploit/realise out of the studio.”

Just like #clubnights: When I encouraged students to go and record their songs.. many found the whole process quite daunting and so much in the same way as clubnights began – studio day workshops have become an ideal way of seeing what it is like to record. Many students then go on to book future solo sessions with the understanding of what to expect.

Students enjoy a full day of recording, with a solo professional demo included- 40% discount for members

“Very professional but still fun and relaxed. TSC creates a really friendly environment meaning everyone feels welcome and warm around each other which helps the process of singing and feeling confident”

“Today’s workshop was so enjoyable, nice and relaxed, and so productive. ┬áIt was really great to meet other people in the Singers Club and very inspiring to hear all the different voices and styles. The whole day was such a joy!! Thanks to the producer who made us feel very welcome and explained the whole recording process, brilliant!!

“My favourite aspect was seeing how the recording studio works and how the finished song ends up from where it started”

“I enjoyed collaborating with other singers to put the group song together. Getting to sing solo songs felt great too”

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