Singing Lessons

During our singing lessons we teach breathing, posture, tone, pitching, belting, vibrato, runs and riffs, extending vocal range, singing high notes, singing low notes, ( & the notes inbetween) and a lot more and we listen to what you are wanting from vocal coaching. We all share a deep love of music and how good it feels to sing!

The majority of students we teach are; non-professionals, beginners, just starting out, returning after a break in singing or new to lessons and coming to increase confidence in singing. Eclectic style choice are hugely welcomed and we coach singers celebrating a range of genres including; Folk, RnB, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Acoustic, Soul, Gospel, Country & Musical Theatre.

Our coaches lessons are designed to give you the feedback you seek from an industry  professional. He/or she will guide you in correct practise, define what you are already doing really well, suggest areas to develop and create personalized programmes accordingly. You can also run through content at your own pace with our online courses.

Laura is unfailingly kind, patient and encouraging: lessons with her are always a pleasure. I’ve come a long way in a short time, from cringing at the idea of singing in public to having great fun with different styles. Think singing lessons aren’t for you? Give them a go!” Paula

Whether you’re perfectly happy singing for your own pleasure, dream of touring stadiums or you just want to feel more confident with your singing – we will do our very best to provide coaching that’s right for you.. along with with some fun extras!

During Your Singing Lesson You’ll Develop:

  • Core disciplines including posture, breathing, tone, range, muscle co-ordination, theory, pitching, musical knowledge
  • A fun and open mind to practising different songs and new genres
  • Key physiological aspects of vocalising
  • Associated lifestyle tips to help support healthy and happy singing
  • The confidence to engage with an audience, use a microphone, master a stage and tell a story
  • Useful PA and technical skills to aid gigging confidence and understanding
  • A trusted partnership with your personal coach to get the very best from your voice

“Learning at the singers club has been an amazing experience. Lessons are completely personal and focus on what you want to achieve for yourself. I’m now capable of doing things with my voice I simply could not manage before, and the whole time I’ve been having fun while I challenge myself. Laura is full of positive-reinforcement when it comes to tutoring, and it’s helped me reach new heights and earned new confidence. If you want to learn to sing and perform, I cannot recommend her enough” Imogen

Our coaches are all industry professionals with extensive coaching experience and we all offer an introductory (no –obligation) first lesson so that you can meet your coach, take a taster lesson, and check it all out….


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