How To: Prepare for a Singing Lesson

Read our guide on how to prepare for your first singing lesson.

Preparing for a Singing Lesson

I’m a new student. What should I expect? We generally spend half of each lesson developing strong technique through exercises. We build each lesson on areas including breathing, control, pitching and tone varying the structure to your own goals and coach recommendations. We then look at songs in different genres and ranges to put everything into practice; incorporating stage presence, interpretation, creativity and performance confidence into the sessions.

What should I bring? Most coaches will encourage bringing along a bottle of water so you can fully hydrate throughout your lesson. They may also suggest something to make notes on, or record useful sections to refer to for your practise. Do check prior to your first lesson with your coach on what they may want you to bring along, any repertoire/songs, and additional materials.

Should I eat before the lesson? As singing is a physically demanding activity – it’s best to eat light and in moderation directly before a lesson. It may feel uncomfortable to sing on a very full stomach! We normally recommend avoiding any dairy, extremely hot drinks, ice, and any shouting immediately prior to lessons. We want to work with a voice that is emotionally relaxed and physically in optimum state.

What if I’m delayed? If you’re travelling to your singing coach’s venue, make sure you have the full address, location, your coaches contact details and parking details well ahead of the lesson. The roads around city centres can be very hectic especially at rush hours, so also think about what time of day your booking is and how much extra time you may need to give for travel, parking, and access. We always advise students leave plenty of time to allow for any unforeseen congestion, or delays. This means you have the best chance to get into the right headspace ready for your lesson, relax, prepare and utilise the full lesson duration with your coach.

How do I pay?

Coaches may all have different policies regarding their payments, packages and cancellation terms- so please do check in before your lesson to make sure your fully aware of their terms and conditions. This again means, you can then relax and enjoy your lessons!

If you have a question not answered here please email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help

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