Come aboard: If you love teaching singing but don’t enjoy as much – business, brand or curriculum building then you are welcome to buy in to the singers club and use everything we do. We have branding, coursebooks, certificates, portals, workshops, communities, merch, curriculums, business support and fully licensable resources for passionate singing teachers¬†

Virtual Facebook Group

Students: Come and get involved with challenges, news, celebrating student acheivements and lots more. When the lock down first hit we set a monthly ‘jukebox’ and loved seeing everyone’s song videos being posted up to the group! Classes, workshops, student news and events are shared here for members first look. Join below…

Free Clubnights for Students

You’ll feel so nervous to perform at a clubnight… We totally get that! But you’ll feel amaaazing when do you perform. It’s a huge acheivement!! The best thing is – your coach is right beside you, everyone is rooting for you and our supportive ethos is strong here at The Singers Club (it always has been). So no matter how new you are to lessons, or if you’ve never sang infront of anyone before, we’re going to make sure you are welcomed, well rehearsed and in control so that you feel on cloud 9 after you sing on stage with a big smile! This is our sincere promise to every student who joins, and we’ve never let anyone down!

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