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At Singing lessons in Luxembourg I’ll help you with; Foundation Vocal Technique, Breathing, Vocal Runs, Vibrato, Posture, Repertoire, Range, Tone, Stage Confidence and much more with beginner to advanced courses for Juniors (12+) and Adults available. Private lessons start from EUR25

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I always recommend taking a one off lesson first so you can see how you like my lessons online via zoom. From there, we can discuss a course that might be great for you, clubnights and coming aboard to be part of the singers club.  We all get together in Luxembourg each term for Clubnights & Studio Days to discover more about Recording, Performing Live and the Music Industry. The complete curriculum (courses 1 to 10), content and certificates are included free with your private zoom lessons, so if you are in another country or travelling then practise singing with me from anywhere (with wifi)

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My sister and I are known professionally as ‘Mia and the Moon‘ with credits including; Xfactor Bootcamp, UMA’s Best Folk/Country Act Nomination, Amazon Prime’s ‘Alison’ Award Winning Title Track, UK Tours, TV awards, New York Huffington Post, 5 Global Residencies and 2 Studio Albums on spotify and apple music to date. Find out more about my singing HERE

As a member of the Association of Teachers of Singing, I host webinars for those interested in the voice worldwide, along with mentorship for start up singing teachers. Outside of singing – I am an ambassador for many animal and conservation charities. I love animals, adventures, cooking and dogs (not cooking dogs)! For your singing; Please feel free to try an initial lesson, and then we’ll go from there..

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To breath for singing; we train to be active on the outflow creating a reflex inhale. 

This encourages optimum movement of the diaphragm for air to refill the lungs. The more skilled we become; the more precisely tuned the flow of air..


If a vocal run is descending, then our work pattern is actually ascending. If we physically descend with a vocal run; then it turns into a slidey mess.  

For longer vocal runs; break them down into sections to ascertain the pitches you will sing then practise slowly


Locked posture and locked breathing are just as common as slack. Outside of singing; it is  beneficial to stretch & move, and practise being comfortable with a tall and confident, yet relaxed posture. Our breath work is always in flow…

(practise with a mirror)


Many students come in thinking that they can’t make a certain sound due to lack of breathing technique. Very often however, it’s more to do with how the vocal folds are making contact. Our vocal folds are the source of all of the sounds we make. We can actually make huuuge sounds… ridiculously easily! 


It’s not just you. We all are shocked and confused when first hearing a voice recording of ourselves. We experience our voice differently from in our own head and so that first encounter with what the outside world hears can shake us to our core. Don’t worry, we’re all in the same boat to support each other! #staystrong

Studio Day Recordings

Studio days and clubnights are hosted at both our Luxembourg and Leicester hubs


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  Years one/two: Modules one to five.   Years three/four: Modules six to ten

 Half hour private lesson weekly with Laura per year:

    €1,800 in person /€1,280 remote 

 Full Hour private lesson fortnightly with Laura per year:

    €2,280 in person /€1,392 remote 

 Full Hour private lesson weekly with Laura per year:

    €3,200 in person /€2,200 remote