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Hi, I’m Laura and I would love to be your Vocal Coach here in Luxembourg. During Singing lessons in Luxembourg we’ll cover; Foundation Vocal Technique, Breathing, Posture, Repertoire, Range, Tone, Stage Confidence and much more with award winning beginner to advanced courses for Juniors (12+) and Adults available.

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Lessons are available mostly online via zoom with some in person via my pop-up vocal clinic in Gonderange. We all then get together for Clubnights, workshops & Studio Days to discover more about Recording, Performing Live and the Music Industry. All of my modules are built to teach via zoom so if you’re in a different country or travelling a lot – you’re still 100% involved!

2011- current

My sister and I are known professionally as ‘Mia and the Moon‘ with credits including; Xfactor Bootcamp, UMA’s Best Folk/Country Act Nomination, Amazon Prime’s ‘Alison’ Award Winning Title Track, UK Tours, TV awards, New York Huffington Post, 5 Global Residencies and 2 Studio Albums on spotify and apple music to date.

As a member of the Association of Teachers of Singing, I host webinars for singing teachers worldwide, with mentoring for new singing teachers and outside of singing – I am an ambassador for many animal and conservation charities. I love animals, adventures, cooking and dogs (not cooking dogs)! For your singing; Please feel free to try an initial lesson, and then we can always go from there..



MONDAYS 12:00 – 20:00 via zoom

TUESDAYS 12:00 – 18:00 via zoom 

WEDNESDAYS 12:00 – 21:00 via zoom 

THURSDAYS 10:00 – 18:00 via zoom

FRIDAYS 10:00 – 16:00 via zoom

*In person lessons are available  Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Gonderange*


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Singing Courses

The Voice As An Instrument
Breathing, Range, Posture, High & Low Notes, Singing with Tracks, Confidence, Larynx, Projecting, Shaping sound
Foundation Vocal Technique pt1
Major, Minor, Blues, Rhythm, Harmony, Intervals, Storytelling, Improvising
Foundation Vocal Technique pt2
Sculpting Sound
More focussed work on jaw, tongue, neck, posture, soft palate, inner shaping, embouchure for different styles, releasing tension, confidence on stage, movement and physicality
Foundation Vocal Technique pt3
Colours Of The Voice
Chest, Head, Mix, Falsetto, Belting, Speech, Character Work
Intermediate Vocal Technique pt1
Vocal Effects
Includes...Cry, Runs, Bend, Fry, Flip, False Cords, Rock Scream, Blues, Soft and Breathy tone, Twang, Blending
Intermediate Vocal Technique pt2
Genre Spotlight
Select - Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classical, Theatre, Blues, Country, Bluegrass, Folk, Disco, Soul, Swing
Intermediate Vocal Technique pt3
Artists Voice
Vibrato, Riffing and Runs (ext), Effect, Reason, Free Painting with Voice, Transparent Vessel, Health, Practise, Jamming, Full Circle,
Advanced Vocal Technique pt1+2
Show Application
Keys, Repertoire, Stage Craft, Style, Transposing, Setlist, Rehearsal, Industry Roles, Setting Up, Personal Goals
Structures, Case Study, Building A Song, Challenges, Journal, Writing Sessions
Sing Like Billie Eilish
Brand New 10 week Pop Up Course - Learn how she makes her distinctive sound, what vocal signature she has and how you can nail your favourite songs from the albums!
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*NEWS* Congratulations To Alex On Beautifully Completing The Curriculum This Term...


We’ll explore;

  • What’s unique about your voice?
  • What needs work?
  • What can help your voice become the best it can be?

Lessons will include time to focus on technique, exercises and warm ups, putting everything into practise singing the songs you love to sing.

Singing is a joy and there’s no feeling like achieving a higher level in something you love to do…

We believe top level, private coaching, recording and performing should be accessible to everyone, that’s why we started The Singers Club.

What You Get

Singing Lessons

Learn foundation vocal disciplines whilst building confidence on a one to one basis with your own professional vocal coach or through our


Exclusive event for members, work towards your performance in lessons. Invite friends and family, practice performing nd meet other members of thesingersclub

Studio Day Recordings

Studio days and clubnights are hosted at both our Luxembourg and Leicester hubs


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