What are Clubnights?

  • An exclusive event for #thesingersclubstudents
  • A performing milestone to work towards in lessons
  • An event to invite friends and family to come and watch
  • A chance to check out what other students have been working on!
  • A catch up/network/collaboration opportunity with other students
  • A time to put microphone and performing practise to the test on a friendly and non-pressured stage environment
  • An opportunity to perform to a warm, friendly and supportive audience
  • An event specifically designed for singers who are new/ or returning to performing
  • Hosted by your own vocal coach

Our coaches all host quarterly clubnights alongside singing lessons for their club to all come together. Coaches ensure that their clubnights are very welcoming, beginner friendly,low-key, relaxed and non- judgementel. The audience are hugely supportive and respectful.. as most all feel just as nervous about performing!

During singing lessons, we work on songs, microphone technique and repertoire and then host the clubnights to put everything into practise.

Friends and family are all welcome and the clubnights are also a chance to catch up with other students. All members are welcome to clubnights with priority performance slots reserved for active ongoing students.

Why we do it

Back in 2012, we realised that many of our students started as beginners and would love the chance to practise performing on stage in a relaxed setting, with the guidance of their ongoing personal vocal coach- and so clubnights were born. We get together every few months and it’s lovely to see students making friends with each other, celebrating progress and discussing what music they are in to – or what open mic has started up locally etc… the community blossoms and connections are made which in turn allows each individual singer to feel better connected and more confident in what they are working on.

For training, you can’t beat one to one lessons, but events offer a space whereby everyone can come together in a group dynamic. It seems scary at first for a student to contemplate performing – but with solid coaching during lessons, and the knowing that a friendly and welcoming event awaits… our members look forward to coming together for these events. I have seen time and time again – the huge grin when someone walks off stage. They thought they couldn’t do it- they thought their knees would buckle or people would laugh and when they hit the notes and the audience gives a big cheer- there’s no feeling like it… then they don’t want to leave the stage!

That’s what we want to achieve with The Singers Club – to show that you really can do these things, and there are lovely people who will support and make you feel good about what you’re doing. You don’t need to be a top professional singer to enjoy singing, and music and the joy that it can bring is beyond measure…

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