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Online Lessons via Zoom or skype: Are you interested in having a singing lesson with The Singers Club remotely? We will help you connect easily from the comfort of your own home. All totally easy and convenient! We go through all the same singing courses and modules as in person with certificates. Also included are online clubnights, workshops, guest speakers, interviews and more.. so if you’re working online with us over zoom lessons then you’re still 100% part of the community.


1) Device that’s face on to chat with your coach

2) separate device *phone is fine* to play youtube your end.

You’ll also want a drink, a notebook to hand and then for the first lesson; please think of a few songs you like! Perhaps an easier then a more challenging song.. showing what you’d really love to work on with your voice?  I have seen NO decrease what-so-ever  in productivity or lesson enjoyment from both sides. Actually, When we could resume in-person lessons after lock down.. 90% of my students have opted to remain on zoom so I’d definitely say to give it a try 🙂




“So, I started in person and then went online for travel, and to be honest zoom is just perfect! I have everything my end to keep playing and singing after the lesson if I want and I can log in in my slippers with a tea to hand- enjoy singing for an hour and then crack on with my day! No traffic, no stress, no commute.. Highly recommend…



Why we do it

It’s not enough to say; “support more” or “look more confident on stage”

Truly learning to sing requires an understanding of what is going on within the singing voice. We must feel in control of the toolkit we have, learn the foundations to then add our own creativity and personality in bucket loads! Only then can we become confident – not just with our singing but who we are in the world around us.

Those who wish to sing, always find a song


“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” Albert Einstein

The signer club certificate


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