How To Sing Like Billie Eilish


Song break down and free ‘how to’ audio guide on how to sing like Billie Eilish in her bond theme..No Time to Die:




(in 3 steps)


Racking up over 50,000,000 million listeners a month means Billie Eilish is doing something right! So let’s take a closer look at what she is doing when she sings and some of the cool vocal effects we can re-create when singing our favourite Billie Eilish songs. (NB. If you put on a baggy Tee, cut offs and sneakers you will sound more like Billie Eilish) So let’s enter… how to sing like billie eilish < audio included >

Master how to sing ‘no time to die’ like Billie Eilish in 3 steps…

  1. Soft Vocals – dipping in and out of making tone with the vocal cords, and breath is one of the most immediate identifiable characteristics of her voice. In the audio above we look at how to go from tone – to breath and balance the vibrato inbetween. This is one of the main traits of her vocal style when she sings. When recording, she would be really close up to the mic, for a very intimate sound.
  2. Vocal Fry – in this case, it is not heavily over compressed like you’d find in harder genres but very very, laaaazy and relaxed – like flopping back into a big arm chair or waking up in the morning and stretching out with a creaky morning kind of voice. If you don’t over think it or try and ‘sing’ then this will probably come out just right! Too much squeeze on the neck is not we are looking for – just a centered vocal fry/creak on some of the onsets. The use of vocal fry here is at the beginning (onset) of the words, they then move into that airy/ vibrato space on the ends. So think vocal fry to start a word- fading into breath/vibrato at the ends
  3. Belt – She does a lovely slide on the last climatic note of the last chorus which is in tandem with the climax of the song – this is the loudest – most instense vocal of the song and then comes full circle back to very quiet to finish (mirroring how the song started). Due to everything else being so quiet on the vocal front – even this belt section at the end doesn’t need to be overly loud. It will still feel like a dynamic shift – Just keep focussing on your mood/and intent for each section of the song.



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