Thoughts of a singer!

It seems we have so much to do as a singer wanting to make it in this business! First we work tirelessly on our instrument and then as technology and media advancements make running your own business become more and more achievable, we end up having to become masters of accountancy, design, logistics, production, bookings… If we’re lucky, a great manager will come and ‘scoop’ us up, realise our potential and then ‘make us a star’. The reality is that you will still have to take more steps than you think in making this dream come true. Someone asked me the other day; ‘How do I get opportunities’, and my first thought was; “You make them”.

You may try so many avenues, feel really down on some days, struggle through endless knock backs. You may even feel like you want to give up and question if singing is even for you. These are the days you can’t let win as so many people do – they wonder why the opportunities didn’t ‘come to them…’ or ‘drop out of the sky’. They never will. If you keep trying though, and you stay focussed on what you want – you will see results!

If you’re serious about wanting to pursue singing; either professionally or on any level, you will HAVE to take the first steps. Put a video of you singing out there, go along to an open mic and sing onstage, start to show the world what you do! I have been so happy to see some of my students do exactly this over the past few years- they have gone from strength to strength, simply because their confidence grows with the positive feedback that performing brings.

On another note – You don’t need to try and form a unique sound- you will have been born with one. Just open your mouth, make a sound.. and… there it is! Good luck out there x